“The solutions to our current problems cannot be solved from the level of consciousness that created them."

Albert Einstein

Developing effective leadership, individually and collectively, is a business imperative that must be addressed in all organizations for a sustainable and bright future. The Leadership Circle concluded a study the provides a strong correlation between Leadership Effectiveness and Business Performance Index. Darby Brewer is a certified practitioner of The Leadership Circle ProfileTM, a leader profile assessment instrument that is underpinned with leadership theory and strong statistical correlations to effective leadership and business performance. He provides senior leadership coaching of a person’s current reality and behaviors and creates a developmental pathway to improve. He guides leaders to be better leadership processes, management systems, and creative competencies, which consists of the outer game. However, he provides coaching to evolve the inside game of leadership, the conscious mind structure that determines performance. The inner game runs the outer game.


“Individual and Collective Leadership Effectiveness Drives Business Performance. And yet, 95% of organizations do not focus on Collective Effectiveness – a huge untapped potential.”

Bob Anderson, Founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle

Darby is certified in The Leadership Circle Culture Survey instrument to assess the collective leadership team and provide a collective developmental pathway to improve their leadership and competitive advantage. Collective leadership effectiveness is one element of the Leadership System that is the central organizing system of business. The leadership team/system drive effectiveness in accountability, communication, delivery systems, human performances, and metrics. This is a must to meet the pace of complexity and solve tomorrow’s adaptive challenges.



Veragon Consulting supports organizations to solve the adaptive challenges in a world with escalating complexity. Effective Collective Leadership development is necessary to keep pace to changing conditions. Darby’s leadership development approach aligned with leadership frameworks provides the structure to improve business performance. He believes structure determines performance and effective collective leadership is the primary driver to take any organization to the next level. He coaches leaders, individually and collectively, to meet their potential and fulfill the promise of leadership.